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Tips and Tricks

Do you know how to treat your jewelry properly? And how about matching your skin tone to LUMI jewelry? Explore our tips and tricks to find out!

Tips 1

Store your Jewelry properly

Store your jewelry items in a jewelry box or in a velvet pouch. Avoid, when possible, long exposure with air and humid laces, especially when you store items for a long period of time. Precious metals are sensible to strong weather variations, such strong heat.

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Tips 2

Take off your jewelry when not necessary

Always remember to wear them after you put makeup, body cream and perfume on, or whilst washing dishes, simply your hands with non-natural products or going to the pool. Chemicals can ruin your jewelry in the long term.

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Tips 3

Clean regularly

The best way to clean your items is with simple warm water and a soap with no harsh chemicals, better with no chemicals at all. Make sure to use a soft brush and to dry them immediately after.

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Choose the Right Jewelry

How to choose gold color that matches with your skin tone

Light or Fair

Light or fair skin tones

Light or fair skin tones looks best with white gold and blue or red gemstones.

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Medium skin tones

Medium skin tones looks best with yellow gold and yellow gemstones.

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Dark skin tones matches with yellow gold but also make a good pair with pink gold items.

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