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Our Story

LUMI is a jewelry ecommerce brand, born in 2020 in Hong Kong, from the idea of a manufacturing company, with the aim of avoid intermediates and sell directly to the final client.

Thanks to the years of experience, LUMI carefully selects materials and designs pieces of jewelry, listening to market needs and trends.


The philosophy behind LUMI is to enhance the inner light that every and each one of us has. Our hope is to make people ‘leave sparkles’ everywhere they go. LUMI is the shorten version of the word luminous, and recalls the ideas of light, shiny and simple feelings.

We understand that every person shines from the inside but sometimes it is difficult to let your own light glow. Our desire is to make people glow, from both the inside and the outside, hoping to make the world a little more LUMInous.

We want people to feel the best luminous version of themselves through our jewelry pieces. For us, jewelry is not just for special occasions, is for everyday wear. With this purpose, we commit ourselves in giving quality and designed items at a good price.

All jewelry is 18K gold with real diamonds, crafted in our factories India and Japan.

About the Logo

Leave Sparkles concept gives the feeling of sun and light. It represents how LUMI Jewelry as the daily collection of its consumers and how it helps to enhance their inner light.

This evolved into the sun and diamond pattern showing the beauty of LUMI shining everyday. The sun shines at the centre resembling a diamond. Meanwhile, the outline of the diamond represents the shape of the sun.