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Our Materials

We carefully select our diamonds, making sure they comply with our standards, with the purpose of being transparent to our customers.

All pieces of our collections are 18K gold with natural diamonds, precious gemstones or pearls.


What does 18K gold means?

Gold Karat is the measure of how much Gold is contained in a piece made with the metal. Karats measure the parts per 24, so that an item of 18 karat = ​ 18 ⁄ 24  = 75% , meaning that it is composed for the 75% in gold ( 24 karat gold is considered 100% gold). 18 parts of the piece are gold and the remainder parts are made up of other metals.

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Natural Diamonds

The diamonds that are used for our items are all natural and they come in different shapes. All LUMI diamonds are I – J color and SI1 clarity, according to the diamond official color and clarity grading scale.

These are the common diamond cuts used by LUMI:

Round cut diamonds

Princess cut

Cushion cut

Oval cut

Emerald cut

Heart cut

Pear cut

Marquise cut

Asscher cut

Radiant cut

Precious Gemstones

Some of our items can also have precious gemstones, in addition to diamonds. We mainly use different Sapphire colors stones and turquoise stones. All of them are genuine mineral stones. Blue sapphire  can be a pure blue but also ranges from greenish blue to violetish blue.

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Enamel is a decorate coating which is applied to a metal, in this case to 18K gold. It is a decorative coating, a glass substance that is fused and then painted over the gold, but it starts out in a powder form. Enamel powder can come in different colors, our collection includes pink, lavender, turquoise, deep blue, orange, red, green, black and white enamel.

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