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Get to know more about the process of jewelry creation!
In LUMI we control the whole value chain. From the design phase to the production. We care about transparency to our customers and we listen to their demands and wishes.


Thanks to the experience as manufacturers, LUMI controls the whole value chain, from the design ofevery item to the final sell to the customer. In this way, the sales process is fast, direct and reliable.

We personally design and manufacture the jewellery, combining latest trends with the exquisite art of jewellery production, refined over the years.


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Listen to our Customers

Our designers together with the factories, listen to the market wishes. LUMI team is able to design new items and collections accordingly, without ever compromising quality and our brand philosophy.

Being in close contact with the market, we do understand and respect customers’ concerns and wishes.

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Fair Prices

We put great effort in each and every stage of the production with the aim of giving valuable pieces and avoid market mark-ups. We are able to provide great jewellery items at a valuable price, always being transparent to our customers.